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Account Management Jobs >> Account Management Articles >> AccountManagement Career Feature >> Account Manager Jobs - Top 5 Skills Needed as an Account Manager
  • AccountManagement Career Feature

Account Manager Jobs - Top 5 Skills Needed as an Account Manager

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Account manager jobs will depend upon the requirements of the company. However, all account managers have the responsibility of helping customers by assisting them with services as well as the marketing of new services. The technical account manager jobs will require setting up accounts for customers of the company they work for and continuing management of these accounts. Account manager careers are considered to be a part of the sales team of a company and as such they combine two services - product sales and customer service.

The account manager duties will include various tasks such as the updating of payment and product information within the accounts. They are responsible for assisting in predicting the profits the company will make as a result of the customer accounts. Product presentations are a part of the responsibilities of an account manager.

Evaluations of the company's resources to determine if the requests of customers are a feasible option are yet another responsibility of the account manager. Knowledge of the products of the company, multi-tasking, problem-solving and proficiency are all requirements the account manager will have in addition to other skills needed to be successful.

Skills Considered in Being Essential

In order to excel in technical account manager careers, the account manager will need to develop certain skills. There are five that are considered to be the top ones needed to be successful. The first one is communication. This will include written, listening and speaking skills. In order to be a top notch account manager, communication through the conveyance of the message being delivered must be clear and concise. The ability to speak effectively and get your ideas and thoughts across is essential in account manager careers.

Writing skills are just as important. From memos to reports and emails, the rule of thumb is to keep it short and to the point. In addition, listening is a requirement that serves the account manager well. This is a common complaint in large organizations. When someone is speaking, full attention to them because what they are saying is important. Ensuring that not only hearing what they are saying but understanding it as well is the sign of a good listener.

The next skill that is needed to be effective in the position of account manager jobs is leadership. This is often misunderstood as leaders often think rules are the way to get the job done. While rules are important, having personable qualities that persuade people to do what needs to be accomplished is by far a better choice. Enthusiasm and the ability to share a vision are very good leadership skills.

The third skill that will increase the value of the account manager to the company is being goal oriented. Specific goals and knowledge of the steps it takes to achieve them is an asset of successful account manager jobs. In addition, the goals will have to be attainable; measurable when it comes to progress and setting a reasonable time frame to accomplish the goals that are all important to account manager careers.

The fourth skill that is crucial to the position of account manager is to have mastered the art of persuasion. With a reputation of results that have been achieved it is not as hard to persuade others to help. The ability to influence and convince others that a project is the right way to go is going to be one of the measures of the success or the failure of technical account manager jobs.

The fifth skill is the ability to build a team that possesses diverse skills, is goal oriented and believes in the abilities of the leader. Account managers are leaders and in order to develop the team that will be an asset, they must show them that they are willing to do exactly what they expect from them. Participation in all aspects of a project - not giving orders - is required to be a part of a team. Successful account manager careers will hinge upon the leader being a part of his team.

Technical account manager jobs will require leaders that demonstrate success by understanding the skills needed to propel not only their career but the career of those who are a part of their team. These skills are necessary for accomplishing all of the tasks that are required of account manager jobs.

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